Trendy fashion style

Trendy fashion style

With a slew of fashion shows worldwide comes a huge array of new trends on and off the runway. There is something here for everyone, whether you are layering cut-out tops, bright greens, or cowgirl hats. From street style inspiration to Instagram feeds, there are plenty of garments and aesthetics we’ve spotted. We’re certain they’ll be major players this season. Here are the top fashion trends spotted at Autumn/Winter 2022 Fashion Weeks. Try not to buy the entire list!

trendy fashion style

A. Black Cut-Out Tops

No matter the season, be it summer or winter, this clothing can be worn with numerous pieces to create an interesting ensemble. Try it with a suit, which is the perfect get-up for the office or running around the city – the contrast between the structured tailoring with the strappy and abstract shirt provides perfect juxtaposition for a transitional season. It also makes for great layering – find something with long or asymmetrical sleeves to keep yourself snuggly when the temperature dips.

B. Color Blocking

Gone are the days of clashing colors being a fashion faux pas – this season, color blocking is back in a big way. Bold and bright, these clothes are loud and not for the faint of heart. Try your hand at mixing warm shades like orange and pink, or stick to cool tones such as green and blue for a refreshing twist.


Tractor-Inspired Boots

Seemingly every designer and retailer from Balenciaga to Zara is taking cues from the humble tractor boot, which had a massive surge in fall 2020 and will only become more widespread next year. Characterized by an almost comically rounded toe and a thick, rugged sole, it’s among the current fashion trends that look as at home under a long dress or with a super-short skirt as it does paired with slouchy sweatpants or leggings. Consider this one of the current fashion trends worth the investment.


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