How to make YouTube channel

Step 1

It’s so easy. How to make YouTube channel you can create your YouTube channel very fast. First of all you need to create Gmail account if you have Gmail account you can skip step one but right now if you watching video on YouTube, I am sure you have Gmail account but if don’t have Gmail account so how can you create your Gmail account let’s start.

How to create Gmail account ?

At first go to google account creation page and select create account after that you need to enter your details like your first name last name and date of birth after that you have to choose your mail id first will be which you want and if available on google you can select and the last name of email will be Then you need to choose your passwords of you Gmail after that you have to agree all trams and condition and then successfully created your Gmail account. click here to visit account creation page

Google account creation page
Enter your details

Step 2

After created your google account you need to open your YouTube application and then click your profile picture. You’ll be asked to create a channel just click create channel and then you will be successfully created your YouTube channel.

Step 3

After created your YouTube channel you need to customize your YouTube channel like title tags description and your logo and you can add so many things like your social media button like Facebook Instagram twitter and you can add also your custom link like your website link. So how you can do that ?

Number. 1

You need to visit YouTube creator studio website from that place you can control your YouTube channel

click for visit

Number. 2

From that you can check your YouTube monetization option and so many setting like you can add your YouTube channel banner you can customize your channel etc.

YouTube studio dashboard

Step 4

After that you can upload your content on your YouTube channel. then you can learn slowly slowly like how it works and how to post good content and how to reach to maximum audience etc. and you can also watch YouTube tutorial so that you can create beautiful content.

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