How to make videos for YouTube

Step 1

How make video for YouTube ?First of all if you have money you can buy a decent camera because camera is much batter then smartphones. But if don’t have money you can consider a smartphone. And you also see many youtuber many content creator use they are smartphones. Because starting time you don’t have money so that’s why you need to use your smart phone. And right now you can see many smartphones camera also very good. Around 15000 to 20000 rupees you can buy a good smartphones and also this category smartphones comes with very good camera that’s good you can consider.

Step 2

Choose a platform which want to use for reach out your audience. You can make YouTube channel and you can create Instagram account and you can also create Facebook page and many more you can consider. And the next thing is you must have a Gmail account if don’t have Gmail account you need to create it’s so easy. you just search on YouTube how make a Gmail account you can find many videos.

Step 3

Now you just need a mic if don’t have money you can use your weird headphone. Now you ready to make content and the next thing is you have to choose what you can gave value to audience you have clear which you want you want to face cam video or you want to don’t showing your face it’s your choice many content creator make they are content without face and many creator make they are content face cam it doesn’t matter which you love you can consider.

Step 4

Start shooting video in the starting time you can do many mistake but you don’t need disappoint. Every human can do mistake it’s human nature. you just need try don’t leave after certain time your content will be automatically improve. Make video consistency one thing you remind you every time just learn new thing that will be create your good personality.

Step 5

The next thing is you need to edit your content. So after making content you need to edit slowly slowly you can learn editing. You need a software for editing your content if you have a laptop it’s good you can consider but if don’t have laptop you can use your smartphone also many software is good for editing video like Kindmaster, Powerdirector, Inshot, Vita , Many software available on internet you just search on google which software is batter for video editing you find many tools available on internet you just start.

Step 6

So after completed editing you need to check your content everything ok or not and after checking you have to publish your content. After publishing content you must need your good title good description about your content what you explain on this content you have to mention on your video discerption. The next thing is you have use tags SEO and many things so what SEO you just keep reading.

Step 7

SEO means search engine optimization this is the key to reach out your organic large audience you have to learn seo. it’s all time not same trick work it is consistency updating you need learn every time learn about seo and also many company offer for a job in seo position. And you can learn seo from this book click download.

Step 8

After that if you have some money you can spend on marketing your content like Facebook ads google ads twitter ads etc. and you can learn from this book how run ads campion. click download.

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Step 9

After long time work you can start making money starting time you will make some amount but after long time from different sources you can make very big amount of money from it. And the next thing is you have to mention your email id in your videos description so that brand contact you for they are product promotion. Brand pay you much money then your ads revenue.

Step 10

Feedback is really important audience will give you feedback you need take positively. Try to reply audience as much as possible. Because audience trust you and also your opinion listed. Never anything do that you may loss audience trust.

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