Become a freelancer

What is a freelancer?

Freelancers work by the job, hour or day rather than working for one employer. They can take on contracts with companies or provide their services to individuals through online platforms. Regardless of the type of clients they work with, freelancers don’t typically have a long-term commitment to any one particular employer.

A freelancer is different than an employee. When they work with companies, they are considered contractors and not employees. Freelancers also have different responsibilities than employees. They must manage their projects, set their work hours, bill their clients and pay self-employment taxes. Freelancers usually don’t expect to have permanent clients, although they may develop an ongoing working relationship with some of their clients.

You can freelance in a wide variety of industries, from writing, graphic design and marketing to accounting, project management and teaching. Some freelancers choose a particular industry as their focus, while others may have a wider skill set in order to have more flexibility with their work.

Become a influencer

How to become a social media influencer

With 75% of under 17’s stating their dream job is to be a YouTuber/Vlogger, it’s no wonder influencer marketing has become a serious aspect of the marketing job industry.

Building your social media skills can also help with your next job application, here’s how 3 digital marketers found success by turning their CV’s into TikTok videos! Also, don’t forget it’s all about how you present those skills in your traditional CV too

If you want to make a living from Social Media influencing, you need to put in the hours! This is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Gaining authority in your niche can be challenging as social media is such a competitive market, but nothing is impossible…

6 things you need to do to become an influencer:

  • Build a community around your niche and stay on brand
  • Stand for something
  • Create goals
  • Network with other influencers
  • Understand the difference between each social network and how they can work for you
  • Be constantly learning and willing to use new platforms

Influencer jobs already out there

Brand Ambassador (BA) programs are becoming more and more popular for businesses. Usually, BA roles aren’t full-time jobs, they’re opportunities for existing customers to share support / positive reviews of their favourite products and get rewarded. This could be as simple as being sent a T-shirt from a brand and posting an Instagram photo supporting them!

Usually, BA’s will be paid by being able to keep products sent to them, offered access to online products and more, dependent on the brand they are working for.

You can also start small by sharing your creative / photography work on-site like Candidly & TRIBE. If a brand likes your images, they will pay you to be able to use them on their social media, usually around £10 per image. Remember to list these as examples of your work, or side project, on your CV too.

You can still be part of this skyrocketing industry sector without posting vlogs every day on YouTube or having a much-coveted mass following. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in jobs like the ones below which are perfect for someone that wants to be involved in the management of bloggers/vloggers/influencers:

  • PR and Outreach Manager
  • Community Manager
  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Influencer Relations Assistant
  • Influencer Community Coordinator
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